Blogging is for me a kind of shelter. It has become a safe place to share what’s on my mind, my faith journey and all that I find beautiful and terrifying in this world.

I mainly write from the heart and from the overflow of scripture and prayer in my life. I want to write more about the thorny issues and the process of grappling with them but haven’t quite found my voice.

I would like my blog to also be a kind of shelter to those who read. Life is hard enough, we need safe place and good friends.

You can read about how I chose the title of the blog here.

I am a mum and a school teacher and a would be writer. I was raised in Suffolk, educated in Lancaster and currently live just outside of Liverpool. I have a theology degree and once worked as a nurse. I knit, I bake, I read, I homeschool and I love the British countryside. I have survived depressive illness. I am a longtime Christian in the second half of my life, falling upwards and currently worshipping with a small Eastern Orthodox community. I’m not really evangelical and I’m not Orthodox ; I don’t feel the need for label.

I am married to Andrew who works away from home during the week. This is bad because we miss him, but good because he has his on buisness and loves his work. He blogs at Undogmatic.

I have four lovely children. Peter who is a Bethel School of Ministries alumni and interns for Children’s Pastor Seth Dahl in Redding, California, Jonathan who is an Orthodox convert studying theology at Durham and Edward and Lucy who live at home.

You can expect my blog posts to be devotional and sometimes theological. I will share what I’m reading, what I am knitting and photos from my last walk in the countryside. I love feedback and comments.They help me know what to say next.


I previously blogged at Dappled Things.